Halmans' monument makes clever use of its surroundings by integrating with the fencing along Kortegracht and combines simplicity, nostalgia and expressiveness.

According to Halmans, the work of art reminds one of the small Mondrians who possibly played with such beads in his baby box. In addition, the 'abacus' refers to the school that was located in the Mondriaan House at the end of the 19th century, headed by Piet Mondrian senior.

The beads are coloured in the three primary colours plus black and white; recognisable to almost everyone as the palette of the later Mondrian. There is one bead that differs from the rest in colour. This bead is gold-coloured and has an inscription in Dutch and English with the text: On 7 March 1872, the painter Piet Mondrian was born in this house at Kortegracht 11. He lived here until he was eight years old (1880). - The life of Piet Mondrian began here at 11 Kortegracht on March 7, 1872.

Monument Mondrian could be carried out with the support of the municipality of Amersfoort, donors and friends of the Mondrian House.

Frank Halmans, Monument Mondrian, 2015, Steel, aluminium, brass, lacquer
Dimensions: 550 x 110 cm Diameter beads 25 cm