• Birds and Fish
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  • 2023-09-17T23:59:59+02:00
  • In 2023, Dierenpark Amersfoort celebrates its 75th anniversary. To mark this anniversary, three museums in Amersfoort will join in with an exhibition focusing on animals. The Mondrian House will kick off with the exhibition Birds and Fish - The art of omission.

'Like a fish in water' and 'Free as a bird in the sky.' Two sayings that express how perfectly equipped birds and fish are to move about in their own habitat. As a human being, you can have a lot of admiration for that. Exhibition 'Birds and Fish' brings together the work of four visual artists who have studied these animals with great admiration. They explored the essence of their being and pay tribute to nature with their work.


From 10 March 2023, the Mondrian House will show Blocbirds by Paul & Albert, a duo at the intersection of art and design. Blocbirds is an award-winning series in which 25 birds have been reduced to abstract graphic compositions. The fascinating thing is that in this graphic appearance, the birds can still be recognised. The Mondrian House also selected works by Albert van Loon. The Zeist-based artist investigated the essence of a school of fish for a while under the title Go with the flow. Hélène Min used the real skin of fish for her abstract sculptures. In processing the wet fish skins, the artist experiences direct contact with the element they live in: the vast sea, in which the fish move in perfect balance.

Fun for children too

Around exhibition 'Birds and Fish' the Mondrian House organizes various activities for children. There is also a fun scavenger hunt for children aged six and over.

More exhibitions

Three museums in Amersfoort (Kunsthal KAdE, Museum Flehite and the Mondrian House) will celebrate the anniversary of Dierenpark Amersfoort with three exhibitions focusing on animals. The animal exhibition at Kunsthal KAdE can be seen from May 2023. Museum Flehite will have a family exhibition on the subject from July 8th untill Novemver 5th.