• BlOeM! by Bob Negryn
  • 2021-11-06T00:00:00+01:00
  • 2022-02-20T23:59:59+01:00
  • Bob Negryn approaches the world around him as an interplay of colors and shapes, which he captures in balanced compositions. The Mondriaan House displays a selection of Negryn's fascinating and powerful floral compositions.

In his photographs, Negryn continues the tradition that began in 17th century Dutch painting to find beauty in the everyday. The Mondriaanhuis selected a number of works from Negryn's flower series. Bob Negryn has been fascinated by flowers for over ten years. In all stages of growth, bloom and decay. He plays very consciously with light in his photos, which emphasizes the beauty of the flower.


Negryn's contemporary compositions resemble the flower still lifes of Piet Mondriaan, who in his earlier works could also focus strongly on depicting a single flower. Think of the amaryllis and chrysanthemum that Mondrian has regularly captured. For Bob Negryn, capturing the flowers is a way of accepting the fragility of our existence.

About Bob Negryn

Bob Negryn (Delft, 1961) graduated in 1984 from the ArtEZ Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Arnhem, specializing in painting and photography. He mastered various photographic genres: landscapes, portraits and still lifes. In doing so, he links his vision as a visual artist to the technical baggage of a professional photographer. Over the years, Negryn's work, who lives alternately in the Netherlands and on the west coast of Ireland, has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Outside the Netherlands also in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand.