Piet Mondriaan lived in a turbulent era that featured two world wars, which led the artist to continuously seek harmony and balance in his compositions. The Mondriaanhuis requested Henriëtte van’t Hoog and Elise van der Linden to explore what exactly balance means for them. The artists took their own personal viewpoint as a base to work from.

Elise van der Linden

Elise is fascinated by the constant interaction between humans and nature and is inspired by the deterioration of buildings that have fallen into disuse. For Equilibrium, Van der Linden investigated the balance between order and (apparent) chaos, and between geometric structures and forces of nature. She created two sculptures for this exhibition.

Henriëtte van ‘t Hoog

Henriëtte uses colours and shapes, as well as the equality of both elements. Viewers regularly find themselves being set on the wrong track and put off balance. Van ‘t Hoog designed two murals for the Equilibrium exhibition: Equilibrium IV and Spandrel XV.

'quilibrium is on display from 19 November through 18 April 2021 in the Mondriaanhuis.