Gerrit Rietveld (Utrecht 1888) and Piet Mondriaan (1872), who were both members of the De Stijl art movement, never met during their lifetimes. With the coming realisation of an artwork by Boris Tellegen they will meet, as it were, between Utrecht and Amersfoort. A new bicycle highway will be constructed between these two cities with an artwork by Tellegen, consisting of various interconnected parts. This landmark refers to the ideas and principles of De Stijl and is realised on the occasion of the celebration of De Stijl’s hundredth anniversary.

The landmark comprises ten sculptures, each about six metres in height, placed over a distance of 20 kilometres. With the design, Boris Tellegen also makes a connection with the present and his own work, exploring the tension between the harmony and perfection of the Stijl artists and the rawness and chaos of his own work.

Until 31 December 2017, sketches and scale models of the ten sculptures will be shown in the Mondriaanhuis.