‘Look wild and be flexible in your thinking’. Over the past two decades, this is exactly what Het Wilde Oog (Hans Lemmerman and Inge van Run) have had in mind when showing how the world of art and the world of folk culture can reinforce one another. Since 2000, Hans and Inge have portrayed women in traditional Spakenburg costume next to and intertwined with works by various Dutch artists, producing surprising, alienating and funny images. Their long-term project will be concluded with an exhibition in the Mondriaanhuis, where the Spakenburg divas will interact with the great master of abstract art.

Since the start of this century, Corrie, Mengsje and Wijmpje Koelewijn, in conjunction with Hendrikje Kuis, have formed The Spakenburg Divas. Over the past two decades these women have delivered a tremendous social and cultural performance as the muses of Het Wilde Oog. They never cease to proudly demonstrate tradition as well as the courage to open their minds to (contemporary) art.

Characteristic of the Het Wilde Oog method is their willingness and ability to provide the women with visual freedom while being photographed at the various locations. The artists add layers derived from a variety of worlds, from fairy tales and comic strips to surrealism.

New perspective

Het Wilde Oog interprets Mondriaan’s oeuvre freely and loosely, like jazz musicians, staging him at a quay in Middelburg, in front of the house of architect Hans van Heeswijk on IJburg, or by literally setting his work free in the Soest and Culemborg countryside. The Wilde Oog uses photos and videos to create energy for new significance. The exhibition clearly shows that the images provide an entirely new perspective on women in traditional costume, and in addition allows for Piet Mondriaan’s work to be viewed from an entirely new panoramic standpoint.


Spakenburg Divas is on display from 15 March through 13 September 2020 in the Mondriaanhuis.