Mondrian was one of the founders of De Stijl, an art movement in which the members kept each other alert through the exchange of ideas and discussion. Inspired by this interaction, the Mondriaan House brought together contemporary artists from two different art disciplines and asked them to work in pairs. Seven visual artists and composers were invited to meet each other, react to each other, exchange ideas and explore boundaries. The result can be seen in the exhibition Unlimited. 

Affected (Art van Triest en Henry Kelder) 
Visual artist Art van Triest and composer Henry Kelder found each other in a concept of demolition and degradation. Together they drew up rules and worked them out in their own language. The result is a work in three parts, in which a rigid order is disrupted and leads to a new state of being, both in image and sound. 

Exposure/Expansion (Jitske en Hans Bakker) 
The duo Hans and Jitske Bakker (no relation to each other) chose 'Exposure' as their working theme: exposure to binding and pulling forces. This resulted in a triptych of three large drawings (Expansion) with different textures, which seem to breathe, bulge and want to escape from their frame. These suggestions are reinforced by Hans' composition (Exposure). 

Sea of possibilities, corrected in advance (Fadenka van der Sloot en Noëmi Schermann) 
Visual artist Fadenka van der Sloot struggled with the theme of Unlimited. The infinity of possibilities was nipped in the bud by limiting thoughts of the artist. Van der Sloot depicted this with a canvas that she painted with tipp-ex. The result is a wide and serene image. Composer Noëmi Schermann's year-long composition gives voice to the flow of thought and doubt.  And if you listen carefully, you can hear a quetzal, the bird that symbolises freedom.   

Example I : Blend (Karina Puuffin en Nathan Bonkerk) 
Visual artist Karina Puuffin and game composer Nathan Bonkerk dissected their work in conversation with each other and discovered new insights about their own work(s).  In the process, Bonkerk was challenged to express his music in images. Puuffin used elements of this in her spatial installation in which letting go of the known/traditional is central.     

Studiotime' shows a continuous shot of a room built to scale. This space is halfway between a studio and an exhibition space, loosely based on Nijhof's studios and on the way Mondrian arranged and used his studios.  
The film shows work processes of an imaginary artist and is itself also the result of a work process. In their collaboration, Nijhof and Van den Hurk investigated the boundaries between abstract and figurative, between reality and illusion, and between sound and music. 

The Stripe (Amerentske Koopman en Anne-Maartje Lemereis) 
For composer Anne-Maartje Lemereis and visual artist Amerentske Koopman, the collaboration consisted of a regular exchange of sketches. The sketch of the one put the other on a track and vice versa. The final result is a spatial and rhythmic installation, in which stripe patterns have taken shape both visually and aurally. 

Turns (Jan Maarten Voskuil en Devin de vries) 
For exhibition Unlimited, visual artist Jan Maarten Voskuil and media composer Devin de Vries experimented with space and time. Voskuil's spatial painting invites the visitor to move through it. Thanks to the technique used, De Vries's composition constantly adapts while moving. In this way, as a visitor, you yourself contribute to the final composition and create a personal experience.