Parking for disabled

With a disabled parking permit you can park in all zones of Amersfoort and on all parking places with the exception of parking garages. In addition, and in derogation from national policy, within the municipality of Amersfoort you can park on all parking places in the license areas and parking is allowed, free of charge, at parking meters and parking machines.

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In the museum

The Mondriaanhuis is accessible to wheelchair users through the front entrance, using the access ramp. Please contact the reception in advance: 033-4600170. The museum has an elevator that reaches all floors, except for the reconstruction of Mondrian’s Paris studio. This can be partially visited by wheelchair.

Attendant for free

A visitor in a wheelchair can take an attendant with him/her. Access is free for the attendant. In the museum a Handy-Car(e) wheelchair is on loan.

Service or guide dog

The Mondriaanhuis is accessible with a service or guide dog if it is recognisable as such.