Parking for people with disabilities

In Amersfoort, you can park with a parking card for people with disabilities (Gehandicapten Parkeerkaart or EU parking card for people with disabilities) in all zones and parking spaces with the exception of the parking garages. Within the municipality of Amersfoort, in deviation from national policy, parking with GPK/EU parking card is also allowed in all parking spaces in the permit areas and parking is also allowed, without payment, at parking meters and parking machines.

The nearest adapted parking spaces around the Mondriaanhuis can be found here:

  • Zwanenhalssteeg next to no. 27: this parking space is located 180 meters from the Mondriaanhuis.
  • Paternosterstraat next to nr. 23: this parking space is located 300 meters from the Mondriaanhuis.
  • Zuidsingel opposite no. 7: this parking space is located 350 meters from the Mondriaanhuis. - There are also regular parking spaces available on the Zuidsingel.
  • Papenhofstede next to no. 16 & 18: these parking spaces are located 400 meters from the Mondriaanhuis.
  • Havik next to 16 & 25 & 29: these parking spaces are located approximately 450 meters from the Mondriaanhuis.

    View the city map with adapted parking spaces.

    Please note: an exemption/visotor permit is also required to enter the car-free city center with a parking card for people with disabilities. You can request this here.

Companion free

Visitors who cannot move independently through the museum may bring a companion for free. Don't forget to add the companion ticket when you place an online ticket order (choose the following option: begeleider van mensen met een beperking).

In the museum

The Mondriaanhuis is accessible to wheelchair users through the front entrance, using a ramp. Please contact our reception: 033 46 00 170

The museum building has a lift that can be used to reach all floors, except for the reconstruction of Mondrian's Parisian Atelier. This can only be partly visited by wheelchair (the upper part is only accessible via four steps). The lift in the museum, and therefore also the upper floor, is unfortunately unsuitable for mobility scooters. A solution may be the use of a Handy-Car(e) wheelchair. This can be borrowed for free in the museum.

The museum has an accessible toilet.

The Mondriaanhuis also features the Picto-Museum Card, for people with a communication impairment. These can be requested at the cash register and can be used during the visit.

In various rooms, there are benches or seats to rest or enjoy the exhibition in a relaxed way.

Sensory sensitive visitor

The museum is quieter on weekdays. For a low-stimulus visit, we recommend that you visit immediately during opening at 10 am, or at 1 pm or after 4 pm. Those are the 'off-peak hours'.

In Mondriaanhuis, different rooms (here indicated with the corresponding room number) contain different stimuli:

1. This room shows Mondrian's artistic development through various screens and music.
3. In the Parisian Atelier, two video projections are shown. Piet Mondrian can be seen and living sounds can be heard.
4. In this room you can watch various films and listen to them through listening horns. It is also possible to scan the QR code and play the sound on your own phone.
5. Here you can watch a video without sound. There is also a record player with soft music.
8. In this room you take place in a 3D video installation where the Victory Boogie Woogie is created by means of video projections and music. Please note: this performance contains flickering lights.

Exhibition texts

All texts on display in the museum are bundled in a PDF-file (including audio texts). These can be downloaded to read on your own desired device (with clickable index). Available in English and Dutch.
Don't have a suitable device? The texts can be borrowed in the museum on a tablet. Ask for it at the pay desk.

Permanent Exhibition

Temporary Exhibition Birds & Fish

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Assistance or guide dog

The Mondriaanhuis welcomes assistance or guide dogs, when fitted with a suitable harness.


Is something unclear or do you have any questions about accessibility? Please contact or call the reception on 033 46 00 170