Thanks to the initiative of architect Leo Heijdenrijk and his wife Cis Heijdenrijk, Mondriaanhuis was established at Mondriaan’s birthplace. Here you can learn about the life and work of the world famous artist. You can also find exhibitions of artists inspired by Mondriaan.

Treasure Room

Piet Mondriaan started his painter’s career with realistic scenes. A number of paintings of his early years can be found in the Treasure Room of Mondriaanhuis.

The world of Pieter Cornelis

The biographical exhibition The World of Pieter Cornelis presents a picture of the person behind the artist Mondriaan, based on the four most important cities in his life, letters, pictures, documents, works of art, movies and radio plays.

Paris studio

Piet Mondriaan is one of the founders of abstract art. In Mondriaanhuis you can experience how the artist worked and lived in his Paris studio at the Rue du Départ 2, reconstructed at real-life size. Mondriaan lived and worked here from 1921 to 1938. He left the studio to flee Nazism, travelled to Engeland and finally ended up in New York in 1940, invited by the artist Harry Holzman.


Mondriaanhuis shows the work of artists inspired by Mondriaan in temporary exhibitions.

Mondriaanhuis is part of the Foundation Amersfoort-in-C, together with Kunsthal KAdE, Museum Flehite and Architectural Centre FASadE. Board: R.van Zanten (chairman), H. Rimmelswaan (treasurer), Albertine van Vliet, Cony Herben. General director: Paul Baltus.