The first collection contains geometrical-abstract art, obtained on perpetual loan from the Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed (The Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency). This concerns 114 objects. Well-known names such as Jan Schoonhoven, Cesar Domela Nieuwenhuis, Peter Struycken, Carel Visser, Ben Akkerman and Joost Baljeu are included in this collection.

The second collection contains constructive concrete art with sizes of 30 x 30 cm, obtained in perpetual loan from internationally working artists: a total of 339 pieces. Artists such as Douglas Allsop, John Carter, Andre van Lier, Josef Neuhaus, Vera Molnar, Eric Saxon and Gilbert Decock are included in this collection.

In the museum, the Mondriaanhuis shows nine naturalist works from Mondrian’s early period. These landscapes and city views are from the Esser collection. In his time, the physician J.F.S. Esser (1877-1946) possessed one of the largest collections of Dutch modern art. Around 1912, the collection comprised eight hundred works of art, including no less than eighty works by Mondrian. These were all naturalistic canvases from the painter’s early period, as the collector could not appreciate abstract art very much. Mr Esser’s heirs have given the Mondriaanhuis nine works on long-term loan.