The Mondriaanhuis is the birth house of Piet Mondrian and a museum experience for young and old alike.


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In addition to a small collection of its own, the Mondriaanhuis has two larger collections on perpetual loan. Furthermore, the museum exhibits a number of early works by Mondrian from the Esser collection.

The world of Piet Mondriaan

Who was Piet Mondrian? A stern man, straightforward like his work? A hermit, alone in his studio? Or rather an avid dancer, always on the road? A womaniser, easily infatuated with young women? Various versions of the painter’s personality are circulating. He lived a life of contrasts. In the new Mondriaanhuis, many sides of the artist are shown.

Monument Mondrian

In 2013, the municipality of Amersfoort and the Mondriaan House commissioned three artists to design a monument to Mondrian, commemorating the childhood of the painter, who was born in Amersfoort. Frank Halmans, Paul de Reus and Andrei Roiter each gave a very personal interpretation. The 'abacus' by Frank Halmans was chosen by the public as the best design and was realised in 2015 at the front of the museum.