• Contradictions
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  • Esther Stocker (Italy, 1974) expresses herself in lines, grids and right angles in the non-colors black and white. She belongs to a contemporary generation of artists working from the geometric constructivist tradition, but with her own perspective and philosophy.

Through her work, the artist explores relationships and structures and tries to relate to the contradictions that occur in life.   

The disturbances Stocker creates in her tight grids raise questions about the relationship between order and chaos, reality and fiction, foreground and background, precision and elusiveness, certainty and ambiguity. In doing so, the artist invites the viewer to reflect on the systems and structures in society that consciously and unconsciously organize and direct us.  

Stocker: ''In my paintings, installations and sculptures, I want to describe the ambiguity and uncertainty of a system. I use the precision of a system to question the system itself. "  

Esther Stocker lives and works in Vienna.