Piet Mondriaan's work has always inspired fashion. Fashion and Mondrian belong together. Just think of the famous dress that French couturier Yves Saint Laurent designed in 1965, meanwhile becoming a fashion icon. In addition, many other fashion designers, including Frans Molenaar, were inspired in their creations by Mondriaan's abstract geometric visual language.

Sally Pittman (1960, Jay - Florida, USA) feels inspired by the flowers from the early work of Mondriaan, a number of which can be seen from 17 March 2019 in the Mondriaanhuis. In the early twentieth century, but also in his later abstract period, Mondriaan regularly painted flowers. Usually a single flower, such as a chrysanthemum or an amaryllis, at the center of the composition.

Pittman: ,, Flowers have always been a source of inspiration for me. In photos, paintings, botanical studies, in gardens, forests and fields. The shape, the smell and the color, alive and wilted. In 2015 I discovered the flower drawings and paintings by Piet Mondriaan. The fine lines, the colors, the simplicity, directness and vulnerability in his work; it touched me.''

The Mondrian flowers inspired Pittman to create eight textile objects. In these objects, but also in the sketches that preceded it, you can see how she went in search of the connection with Mondrian. Her own fascination for beauty and vulnerability also becomes visible.